Triumph Tiger Sport

Written by Randy Hayes on April 23rd, 2014. Posted in Triumph

Triumph Tiger Sport is the new and improved version of the Tiger 1050. The 105cc triple engines are in general very flexible and the Tiger sport is in particular very powerful. The DOHC12-valve unit did not suffer any changes, from a mechanical point of view, in comparison to the Tiger 1050’s engine, and it is in essence a more softly tuned version as compared to the Speed Triple engine. Some of the differences include a reshaped airbox, recalibrated injection system and new exhaust boost torque throughout the range and it also has increased peak power by 10bhp, to 123bhp at 9400rpm. The maximum torque is conveyed at just 4300rpm, and there is helpful grunt even at 2000rpm. This provides an easy ride on the bike, because there is acceleration on hand at any time you want to use it, with a enjoyably smooth three-cylinder feel.

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Triumph Tiger Sport is a motorcycle that can easily pull from the low speed of 30mph in top gear to its top speed of over 130mph. The motorcycle does not have ride-by-wire throttle or multiple modes as there is no need for them. Throttle response is highly sharp. The flexibility of the engine implies that once the motorcycle is in motion, you seldom need to use the speed box to shift gears. A nice modification, as compared to its predecessor, is the improved gearbox with six speeds that now has a new mechanism and drum, thus shifting very nicely.

The Triumph Tiger Sport bike is handled very well, as long as you do not expect it to turn into a tiger. As compared to the Speed Triple, it obviously needs more effort to make it change its direction, which is actually not something to take you by surprise because it has lots of suspension travel (140mm front, 150mm rear). Moreover, its geometry and wheelbase have been improved to offer more stability. The motorcycle acts like a decent sports-tourer, so you will not be disappointed if this is what you expect. The front brake combination of 320mm discs and four-piston radial Nissin calipers is outstanding and is increased by a faster response ABS system that is, of course, a standard feature.

Triumph Tiger Sport has suffered many changes from Tiger 1050, many upgrades have been made on it, but to keep its price as low as possible, Triumph did not make all possible updates such as: ride-by-wire throttle and an adjustable screen. Not making such modifications allowed them to keep the price at £9499, below the prices of motorcycles like: Hinckley Tiger Explorer and Ducati Multistrada 1200. The Tiger Sport bike is also cheaper with £100 than its closest contender, Kawasaki’s Versys 1000.

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