Harley Davidson Softail Classic

Written by Randy Hayes on July 22nd, 2011. Posted in Harley Davidson

The name of the series Harley Davidson Softail comes from the hidden shock absorbers from the rear. The first model of Heritage Softail Classic was released on the market in 1986 and it was followed two years later by the Springer Softail model. The early models of Softail were equipped with an engine of 1.340 cubic centimeter and a V-twin. The engine had a perfect cooler and it did not leak oil like the early models did. In 2000 the Softail Deuce model was released and the upgrade consisted of a Twin Cam instead of the V-twin the other models had. In 2001 another upgrade was added, fuel injection.

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As far as the appearance is concerned the heritage softail is full of chrome, with low handlebars and saddle bags. Up until 2009 the image of this model remained unchanged. From 2009 Harley Davidson started to mix parts from the FL Sotftail Cross Bones model thus changing the look in to a darker one. The new improved model featured cat eye dashboard, an oval brake pedal and a half-moon floorboard. The wheels were laced with steels but could have been ordered also in laced aluminum, with a speed meter which was equipped with a odometer and linked to the gas tank.

The newest model of Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic is 94.5 inches long and it is sitting on a 64.5 inch wheelbase. The capacity of the tank is of 5 gallons and the oil capacity is of 3.5 quarts. The weight of the bike is of 730 lbs and the height is of 5.1 inches.

New features included in this 2011 model are: a larger odometer, hand controls and an anti lock braking system. The ABS is used to prevent the wheels of the bike from locking if the driver uses the brake. Unlike the older models which have an engine of 1.340 cubic centimeter the new model has an engine of 1.584 cubic centimeter. New things that you can find on this bike are: a lower seat of 26 inches high and an oil tank shaped like a horseshoe.

The look of the Harley-Davidson Softail Classic is close to the retro motorcycle but they have more comfortable suspensions at the rear. The engine is situated right on the metal frame which causes the well known sound called the Harley vibes. From the Softail category you can choose different types of suspensions and front forks.

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