Harley Davidson Fat Boy

Written by Randy Hayes on June 20th, 2011. Posted in Harley Davidson

Wiliam Harley drew his first sketch of a motorcycle in 1901 an thus the Harley Davidson motorcycles were born. Over the years a lot of different types of motorcycles were launched on the market but in 1990 an important thing happened. In the ’90s the Fat Boy model was introduced to the motorcycle lovers and it was a huge succes. It was reported that it was the biggest sale of heavy cruiser motorcycles.

This specific model is perfect for long trips because it is very confortable for the rider. Because it is a curiser bike on the seat can fit two people and it is ideal for a very long trips, such as crossing countrie trips.

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Since the launche of the Fat Boy bike there have been many versions in different years. The 15th model of Fat Boy was created in 2005 but it had a smaller engine that the normal ones used for this model, only 88 cubic inches. The quality of the bike remained the same without any complains coming from the drivers in 2007 the engine was brought back to its original size.

The Harley Davidson Fat Boy crew made a lot of optional items that can be put on your bike. Since it is a cruiser bike the best add are the luggage which are made from leather or fiberglass. Because this bike is so popular a lot of add have been made in order to make the bike loog prettier. The good thing is that it has a trunk which is perfect for when you go on a long ride.

The Harley Davidson Fat Boy is a huge bike and it can represent a challenge for those who are short. If you do not touch the ground with your feet when you are sitting on the motorcycle then you should choose another model because only the ones who are professionals can get away with it. The motorcycle is also very heavy, without fuel and other extra baggage it weights 680 pounds. This could become a problem even for an experienced person if they face an umpredictibal situation.

The specific features of this bike are the fat forks and the wide tires. It is called fat for a reason, everything is big starting from the engine which is of  96 cubic inch to the gas tank and with 90 foot pounds of torque at 2.750 rpm.

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