2013 Honda CFR450R

Written by Randy Hayes on July 1st, 2013. Posted in Honda

If you are among the motorcycling’ enthusiasts and you like to pass your free time in searching the Internet for various great motorbikes, no matter if they refer to small, compact bikes or large displacement motorcycles, then maybe you will be happy to find out more about the 2013 Honda CFR450R. As the name implies, this bike is the latest model introduced by Honda to the public. As you might have guessed by now this new model represents an improved version of the predecessor, which was the 2012 Honda CFR450R. The manufacturer wanted to make this new model lighter, which is why various improvements have been performed, in order to change both its appearance and weight. Unlike the heavyweight motorcycles which are designed to be used on streets only, the lightweight bikes can be used both on streets and rough terrain.

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The 2013 Honda CFR450R is one such bike which can be used on normal roads and on rough terrain as well, due to the fact that it has several characteristics which make it an ideal bike to ride, regardless of the road’s conditions. The manufacturer succeeded in giving riders a bike which is more agile and even faster than its previous model. Moreover, it can be used to perform spectacular jumps, as well as to get around the track in no time. This bike has its engine performance improved due to the fact that it puts the mass to its center, this way ensuring more power to the engine. The new design this motorcycle is given also helps it to gain more stability on the road, or when performing different kinds of jumps. For some time now, Honda has also been making electric cars, with some success even; however, we don’t yet know of anyone trying to make an electric motorcycle, so until then we will just have to be content with the electric car news they provide. Speaking of electric car news, you should definitely check the latest electric vehicle made by Honda, it is truly an engineering masterpiece. And now, back to our motorcycle:

The new Honda motorcycle comes with upgrades in suspension and brake systems, which also bring it closer to perfection. These improvements make possible that riders better handle this bike in conditions of mud or heavy dirt. At a first glance you will surely notice that the 2013 Honda CFR450R comes with an all-new aluminum frame and lighter sub-frame, as well as an all-new air fork. The fuel tank has also been reworked and now its capacity allows for 1.66 gallons of fuel to be loaded, instead of 1.50 gallons. Among other improvements of this motorcycle we need to mention that the front tire has been replaces with an all-new MX51FA80/100-21 tire and a new 6-spring clutch design has been incorporated to the bike. We can easily say that this new model of the Honda CFR450R has only a few similarities to its predecessor.