2011 Yamaha YZ 450F

Written by Randy Hayes on June 22nd, 2011. Posted in Yamaha

Motocross was born in the United Kingdom and was quickly adopted by countries from all over the world. This sport consists of a motorcycle being driven off road. Over time a lot of bike manufacturers have stopped the production for this type of motorcycle but there are still great companies situated in United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Austria and the United States of America who have kept the tradition and continue to make them.

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Over the years the Yamaha Company has perfected all of its models and we can observe that even in the motocross bikes section. Like the cruiser section the motocross bikes have also suffered modification over the years in order to meet the markets demands.

Technique information

The engine of the Yamaha YZ 450F

Yamaha is a Japanese producer which manufactures motocross bikes. Yamaha YZ 450F is a model produced by Yamaha and it is equipped with an engine of 449cc, a four stroke and an liquid cooler. The transmission on this bike has five speeds and a frame made by light aluminum which makes it easier to handle and corner. The model has titanium valves.

Improvements of the fuel tank and arm ratio

Even thou the 2011 Yamaha YZ 450F model is very similar to the 2010 model the bike has suffered a couple of changes. The capacity of the fuel tank has increased from 6.0 to 6.2 liters. The arm ratio has also been changed from 35mm to 41mm and also the cam shape from 3.9mm to 4.5mm.The power of this bike is unbelievable because it has a lot of torque.


At the Race town the 2011 model YZ450F did not seem to have a lot of changes but it was still a fine machine. Because the bike is heavier the the low center of gravity makes it easier for the driver to lay the bike over, keeps the motorcycle planted in the ruts.

One should buy this model released by Yamaha because it is safe and easy to handle and we can see that because this brand has always been situated in the first three places at the motocross competitions. The bike is not cheap but not expensive either if you take into consideration what it has to offer.

The Yamaha YZ 450F bike is light, easy to use, equipped with a powerful engine and a great fuel tank, the perfect formula if you want to win a motocross race.

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