2011 Kawasaki Vulcan 1700

Written by Randy Hayes on June 24th, 2011. Posted in Kawasaki

The Kawasaki motorcycle has reached the biggest horsepower through its latest Vulcan 1700 engine underlining the difference between the model Nomad and the Voyager. The center piece on this bike is the style which can be described as being sporty and aggressive with flowing lines.

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Technique information about the Kawasaki Vulcan

The engine

The engine of this Vulcan model is a V twin with a liquid cooled 52 degree. The manufacturers claim that the power of the 1700 engine can reach up to 108 lb ft peak torque at 2.750 rpm. The interior of the 1700 cc engine remains the same, with its 104 mm stroke and 102mm bore. The changes that have been made, however, are related to the power plant which provides a larger volume of intake in order to sustain a more linear throttle response and it also has an improved idle. The second piston which was added for durability is a unique element for the Vaquero.


The transmission on this model is equipped with six manual speeds which has been slightly modified with the removal of the lower chain guide from the primary drive in order to reduce a bit of the weight of the bike.
The ration from the firs gear has been modified from 40/13 to 44/15. Also, the third and the fourth gear have a taller tooth profile than the former models thus reducing the shift sounds and smoothing the operation. The last drive has a carbon fiber belt which was narrowed 2 mm thus reaching 26 mm , there are also tighter specs which are meant to reduce the disrupting sounds of loosing belts.

The mounted frame of the Kawasaki provides ample protection and it is secure and stable. The price of this model is not so cheap 16.499 $ but nor expensive either. It is proudly situated between its primary rivals: Harley-Davidson Road Glide which is 18.999 $ and Victory Cross Country which can be found at the price of 17.999 $.This two American models have the V twin engine in common with the Vulcan. The Kawasaki Vaquero has a 36 warranty which can be extended up to six years by using the Kawasaki Good Times Protection Plan offered.

To some up this model is one impressive bike which can hook up even the most conservatory drivers. The price is right when you think about the motorcycles its competing with, the Harley Davidson and the Victor Cross, which are trend setters on this market.

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