2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Written by Randy Hayes on July 1st, 2011. Posted in Kawasaki

The Japanese launches a new model motorcycle, the 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250R, which officially had its premiere at Paris Motor Show.

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Although on the European market Kawasaki does not offer too many choices for beginners, the “weakest street” model being ER6, for Americans, the Greens still give a modernized ancient GPZ cylindrical 250 and 500 cc. Ninja 500R would probably be retired after nearly 20 years of service, but the younger brother has just received a new facelift.

Upgraded design, resulting by an ER-6F crossing with a ZX-6R, hides the same technology as its predecessor. Through the full fairing clippings loom the propeller shapes that in 1985 little Kawasaki team GPX 250 and, without major changes, the model team in 2007 also used.

Fork has been resized, and wheel diameter increased from 16 “to 17” for better behavior at high speeds, but also for compliance, Kawasaki Ninja 250R 2007 being one of the last sports (if not last) equipped with tires 16 “. Frame seems also inherited from the same GPX 1985, which is not necessarily a bad thing, that model being extremely successful, even after the current standards.

Chassis is excellent, the penalty of 130mm rear tire image is compensated by the dynamics of small sportive excellence. The bike does not have premium parts, the words Ohlins, Brembo, Akrapovic are some mysteries in this case. All pieces are quality, but cannot be said to be premium. Brakes, rear suspension, forks, all do work decent, power of only 33cp not being a problem for chassis. Low weight of just 169kg at full logic completes a motorcycle addressed to novices and ladies.

Overseas, however, has already been communicated the sales price, which is of 3.499 USD, just over half the price of Ninja 650R, North America’s equivalent of ER-6F (6.499 USD). If the report should be kept on a Ninja 250R European market would cost less than Euro 3200, but this is unlikely closest competitors – Hyosung GT 250 Yamaha YBR250 – being offered in Italy to more than 4,000 Euro.

So in case you may want to speed up from routine, or you call yourself a big race motor fan, the ultimate 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250R will make you feel free, just like a bird.

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