2011 Honda Shadow Phantom

Written by Randy Hayes on June 26th, 2011. Posted in Honda

Honda has been producing the Shadow Phantom model since the 80s. This type of motorcycle was built for long trips, it´s a cruiser. The main focus of the manufacturer has been the comfort because it is very important when you spend a lot of time on the bike. The Shadow bikes have been produced in many sizes from 125 cc up to 1,800 cc. However the new models of Honda Shadow bikes all have the size of 750 cc but they are all different in other ways.

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One model we are going to present to you in just a few words is the Honda Shadow RS. This specific model has an engine of four stroke cycle, the size is of 745 cc and a twin cycles. The engine of the Shadow RS motorcycle has one camshaft which controls three valves on each cylinder. This cylinder is of 3.1 inches in diameter and the length of its piston is of 3.1 inches. The standard model of the RS has a transmission with five speeds which are manual. The front and the rear of the bike have different types of suspensions: the rear suspension has a dual shock and the front suspension has a telescopic fork. The weight of the bike with everything in it is of 507 pounds, everything meaning a tank full of gas and all the fluids that the motorcycle needs in order to run.

The Honda Shadow RS was designed in order to remove the image of the all known vintage cruiser and create a cool bike with a special clean look. All the components: the frame, the engine, handle bars and even the rims are designed in a way that makes you feel cool. This motorcycle is equipped with a V twin engine of 745 cc like we have mentioned earlier, with a fuel injection program and last but not least with a dual plug combustion chamber. The Shadow Phantom is not so expensive, it is actually affordable which means that you too can enjoy this very bike on you very long, very beautiful cruises.

All in all this bike will catch you eye every time you see it because of its unique design and you will definitely want to have it. It is ideal for people who love bikes but especially for those who like to go on long trips such as crossing the country, you will benefit from two things: a comfortable bike at a great price.

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