2011 Honda Shadow Aero

Written by Randy Hayes on June 21st, 2011. Posted in Honda

The motorcycle Honda Aero is part of the series Honda Shadow which features other models such as Spirit Shadow, Sabre and VLX. The weight of the Honda Aero bike is of 519.4 pounds without fuel and other fluids and 553 pounds with the gas tank full and all the other necessities.

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The bike has a four stroke cycle, twin cylinder engine and 750 cc. The engine features a bore cylinder which is of 3.1 inches and it also has a stroke piston which is of 3 inches in length. The Shadow Aero has the same suspension system as the model Shadow Phantom. Because the suspension system is the same as the other model it means that the bikeĀ“s fork is of 1.6 in diameter and 4.6 inches of travel.

On the front suspension the manufacturers used a 11.7 inch disc with a two-piston caliper and for the rear the used a suspension of 3.5 inches of travel and dual shocks .The gas tank of this bike has a capacity of 3.7 gallons which is why the weight of the motorcycle can rise up to 553 pounds.

The frame and the wheels of the Honda Shadow Aero are both made of steel. The wheel from the rear is of 15 inches and the one in the front is of 17 inches. The tire from the front has a 160/80-15 tire while the one from the front is of 120/90-17.

You can find this specific motorcycle in a lot of colors which is great because usually you find bikes in a limited palette, you can choose from: black and red, black, red, black and silver, silver, silver and white and black and blue.

The key features
The Honda Shadow Aero is similar to the ACE model but there are some specific features which separate the two. For example, the Aero models have a bigger horsepower than the ACE, 55 horsepower at 4,700 rpm. It has a larger exhausting than of two into one and heavier with 50 lbs than the 1.100 cc ACE. The big difference between our model and the other is that the Honda Aero has a transmission quieter and smoother than the others.

If you are a fan of cruiser bikes this is the one you should choose. It is safe, comfortable and perfect for long trips and not to mention the price which is very convenient and accessible.

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