2011 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 Nightster

Written by Randy Hayes on July 4th, 2011. Posted in Harley Davidson

Ready to bear you on the alleys and side streets, Nightster is the night variant of Sportster legend and has a style always young.


Black finishes cover hubs and rims, fork and handlebars, hand controls and pedals. Classic style is clearly visible to fork dampers equipped with a skin protection and the a perforated belt guard shows the original layout. Low suspension puts the seat at a height of 676 mm.

The new front wing is smaller and completes the cut back guard. The powerful 1,200 cc Evolution features a chrome exhaust system with two pipes. For the first time the company Harley-Davidson Nightster European version of the model has a rear suspension with a longer course, for easier handling in curves on winding roads in Europe. Motorcyclists who want a lower position can be mounted easily on the rear suspension dampers shorter, accessories and parts available in the original Harley-Davidson.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles received a new boost of adrenaline through 1200N Nightster’s release.

This unique design combines excellent performance and a low position, giving a strong, urban look. Nightster features the motor 1200cc Evolution V-Twin with electronic fuel injection (Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection) which offers a strong torque.

Unique look and feel is very low on the saddle, located at a height of only 64 inches. This makes the 1200N Nightster one of the lower Harley motorcycle. Another technical details are: the type of transmission is manual, both back and front rear are made of hydraulic disc, rear suspension type is Twin Sided Swing Arm, and in the front type is Telescopic Fork; Another important aspect is the fuel capacity, the tank is classic and can collect up to 12.5 liters.

Some of the lucky ones who had the opportunity to ride the 2011 Harley-Davidson 1200 Nightster said that they had enjoyed the ride, because being a chopper this model made them relax and feel great. Even for the uninitiated ones the experience was notable because the story about recognizing a Harley from the moment you hear it could not be truer. This model impresses by its classic aspect, technical details and the always young style.

The 1200N Nightster is a street bike that continues a half century of Sportster tradition. With lots of accessories and components available, Nightster Sportster models bring a new level,” said Bill Davidson – Director of Development Harley-Davidson.

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